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Citra & Memory Editing

Okay, in the last post I was able to dump Citra’s emulated game memory. Now how am I going to poke around in Rune Factory 4 (Undub)’s memory dump? Recap Just as a quick refresher, the reason we can’t just poke around easily with Cheat Engine is due to memory fragmentation. Data beyond a single page in memory might be in a very different location compared to everything else. I want to play with IPC scripting as one of the main goals, so I need to know exactly where things are in memory in relation to the emulated console’s memory addresses....

October 30, 2022 · 6 min · Me

Citra Memory

So about a year ago, I decided I’d play around with Citra an open source emulator for 3DS and I thought it would be fun to document my adventures in reverse engineering some of the memory from Rune Factory 4 (Undub). Citra has some sort of scripting support and I figured this would be interesting to play around with. Maybe also see if I can learn some new details about the undocumented farming systems in Rune Factory 4....

October 15, 2022 · 7 min · Daichi