Helvetica and Typography

December 3rd, 2008  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Design, Movies  | Tags:

By Kevin Rose’s recommendation, I just watching a documentary called Helvetica. It’s a good watch for anyone interested in Typography or Graphic Design. The documentary talks about the 50 year old Helvetica sans-serif typeface and it’s impact on the graphic design and communication

The movie interviews various topologists about the meaning that Helvetica has grasped over the years. Before Helvetica advertising was a little chaotic and was full of overly fancy fonts and an over abundance of exclamation points. This new typeface changed these ads to be a little more direct and a little more to the point. Helvetica was designed as a neutral typeface, so it can convey vast variety of meanings, including modern and boring.

The eye opener is common street signs, billboards, and logos you see throughout the movie, shown in Helvetica typeface. It’s such a common font, you see it everywhere, probably without realizing it.

This movie stops a bit short and fails to discuss Microsoft and Apple bringing fonts to the PC. The Arial font bares quite a resemblance to Helvetica. However, the movie is lengthy enough as is, I’m sure they had their reasons to leave these details out.

Speaking about Typography, I always have had quite a few issues with fan subtitling, and usually it’s with the typesetting and font face. I’m sure I’ll have a seperate post to complain about this in the future.

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