Goodbye Laserdisc

January 15th, 2009  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Anime  | Tags:

Pioneer Stops Making Laserdisc Players After 27 Years – Anime News Network.

Not too long ago we heard that the last major supplier of vhs tapes was ditching the format. And apparently now Pioneer is saying goodbye to LD players. Who knew they were still making them?

LD was certainly known for having obscenely huge disks. Probably one of it’s major turnoffs and why it never gained a foothold in our market. At it’s time the quality sure beat normal VHS and it supported more audio tracks, which was handy for Anime at the time. We own a pretty sizeable collection of LDs over here. Project A-ko, All Nadia Secret of Blue Water, All of Japanese Urusei Yatsura and a few other things. I remember seeing Hime-chan no Ribbon at Anime Expo in 2003 for $600. It was extra expensive due to the production run of these LD sets having LaserRott, and the set that they had was in good condition. Anyway, maybe I might have to get my hands on one of these last players, to have something that will fully support new TV connections.

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    I still remember watching Robocop on LD at my Aunt and Uncles in HK when I kid, but I guess all things have to come to an end..