Turning Japanese, Day 9

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I wish I knew about Spaced Repetition technology when I was in high school, I probably would of done a lot better. Just recently I started using SRS via Anki to intensely study my Japanese, but you could use it to study for just about anything. Heck, this would of been useful for when I took my college level math courses.

Day 9 (Tuesday) <– Edit: I still can’t count. >_<;

I didn’t like my vocab cards and I especially didn’t like them in the same deck as my sentences. I decided to make new a new deck, this time separate from my sentence cards.  My new Kanji cards look like this.

I decided to experiment with the concept of KanjiHybrids. Since I don’t have “The Kanji Handbook” that uses these, I’m basically just using the keywords that are in Heiseg’s “Remembering Kanji 1″ book, This way I won’t get confused when I actually get to that kanji later in Heiseg’s book. You can produce quite a various set of questions from a card like this. A few examples of what I am using are, For Recognition: Expression -> Hybrid; Expression -> Meaning; And specifically for writing: Reading -> Expression; Meaning -> Expression. What cards I use really depends on the vocab word/phrase. I usually have both of the writing ones enabled and one recognition.

In this case, these two kanji mean something slightly different when they are together. So I made a new card for recognition: Expression -> meaning & KanjiHybrid, I guess I’ll see how these all work for me. With my vocabulary so weak right now, it doesn’t seem like I have a lot of options aside from rote memorizing them into my head. Especially since I’m drilling through the “Breaking into Japanese Literature” book for most of my sentence mining. This book it’s actually fairly advanced. But it has some advantages, like complete audio files and a convenient dictionary at the bottom of every page.

I spent around 2 hours putting together my new vocab deck and I spent the rest of my Japanese study time just reviewing my Vocab, Sentences, and Heiseg Kanji. I didn’t pay much attention to numbers, but I think I’m doing a bit better today with my sentences.

I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about moving at a slow pace. Glowing Face Man has his lazy days too, on day 18 and 19 of “The French Revolution” things are rather leisurely and slow paced. Which isn’t bad if your doing things on your own.

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