Farewell Hellgate London

February 2nd, 2009  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Games  | Tags:

I know a lot of people probably don’t care, but I enjoyed this game. Saturday at midnight (central) the US servers were shutdown. The game might of had a lot of problems and a bad rep, but underneath it all was some fun to be had. There really aren’t many FPS style games that play like Diablo. It really is one of a kind. At least before my summoner was sent to the graveyard, I managed to beat the last couple acts. Which did soak up a small bit of my time this past week. Time away from my studies, oh well.

Hellgate London - Summoner

My Hellgate London Summoner

It’s not all bad, while the details are rather vague, HanbitSoft seems to be working on resurrecting the game with some upgrades. But I’m fairly certain I’d have to start all over from scratch. And the servers wouldn’t be in the US, which might cause some lag issues; since (greedy) Namco Bandai owns the rights to run servers over here. Anyway, not sure if it’s worth the time investment to start over anytime soon. Although the genre is slightly different, maybe I’ll go play the entire Heretic/Hexen series in the meantime when I need my FPS fantasy groove.

Anyway, for now, I’ll still miss you, Hellgate.

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