Turning Japanese, Day 10 – 14

February 2nd, 2009  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Learning  | Tags:

I’ve been working on studying Japanese using some new technology called sentence mining, it’s a more natural way to expose yourself to a language, so you can learn more like a baby does. A baby doesn’t learn language by being taught grammar, rather they learn from simply being exposed to enough of the language that they figure it out from the patterns. To make sentence mining more efficient, I am using Space Repetition via Anki flashcard software, which spaces out your input of sentences as effectively as possible. For example, If you know something really well, you won’t need to see it as often. This allows you to focus on what is most important, the stuff you don’t know as well. It’s hard to document how well I’ve been working since I do not feel like I have been all too productive lately, but I am still working at things, at the very least, I’ve been working on my reviews.

Day 10 (Wednesday) to Day 14 (Sunday)

To be honest, the week went by as kind of a blur. On Wednesday I started working at the last two Acts of Hellgate London, trying to beat it before my character got wiped. Most of the days I just kept up with my reviews as the bare minimum. It’s pretty crazy how those review cards build up fast. You got to dedicate time to finishing these things, or you lose any benefit of the whole Space Repetition technology. The longer you neglect it, the more you get behind. And being behind really sucks. I’m trying my best to not get too far behind, the last two nights I did not really get to my review cards till right before bed.

On Saturday I was out of the house almost all day. When I got home, I was surprised by my stack of review cards, hitting in around 60, a good portion of this most I finished before I fell asleep.

Sunday, I helped my older brother setup his Anki deck for Heisig’s “Remembering The Kanji”. I also watched him as he went through most of it. Good review for myself, I might add.

I wish I had something more enlightening to say for this whole week, but it’s already gone and I didn’t really manage to add more then getting through 2 lessons from RtK, which puts me up to 6 lessons done, 104 Kanji. And *Gasp*, I’m now two weeks, I don’t feel like I have made a lot of progress so far.

Well, I only can improve for next week, I guess.

By day 21 of The Glowing Face Man’s “The French Revolution”, he is having around 200+ cards to review at once. And I thought having 60 at once was a lot. I guess I could be reviewing a lot more information.

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