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February 4th, 2009  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Learning  | Tags:

Apparently I need to keep my articles short, else I lose the attention span of my audience. So short this be, in hopes you go check these other two articles out.


I’ve mentioned Khatzumoto’s site before. One of key parts of his approach to learning Japanese is to “drown” yourself in as much listening of the natural language as possible. This is probably a key reason why his website is called “All Japanese All the Time”. One of the problem with academics, is the focus on results, rather then understanding. It has not been till just recently, that people are starting to academically realize that exposure is a very effective method for learning a second language. Just remember, you don’t send your baby off to grammar school before they learn to speak.


And do check out the youtube video in the second article, it’s a very interesting way to have a language taught.

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    Good post. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..