Turning Japanese, Week 5

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Maybe someone has been wondering why I haven’t written anything in a while. For any newcomers, I have been studying Japanese language, mainly my Kanji with the help of the “Remembering the Kanji” book and SRS ( Spaced Repetition Software). The simple way to explain SRS, is a piece of software that quizzes you with flashcards with efficiently spaced repetition. The more you verify that you knew a flash card correct, the more it will delay each rep until it is drilled permanently into your memory.

Week 5

For week 5 I had a goal of 40 Kanji per day. So I working on my Kanji study as hard as I could, I kinda over crammed I think, I started and peaked at 50 Kanji per day. After the week was over, I averaged around 30 Kanji. I had to slow down because I was busy and I noticed that my retention from the prior days wasn’t doing too well.

I have two separate decks for part 1 and part 2. This lets me get statistics for each part individually. Here are some numbers I kept from my Friday Morning’s review.

Part 2 deck, the 89 cards that needed to be reviewed. (it went up to middle of lesson 17)
performance: 70.8%, 63/89 cards, about 45 minutes in time.

Part 1 deck.
performance: 90%, 51/56 cards, 25 minutes in time.

It’s pretty obvious that my part 2 cards weren’t as well known. I probably went over them too fast. This made me wanna concentrate and slow down a bit, rather then try to reach my initial goal of 40 per day averaged. Comprehension is a bit more important to me.

Week 6 – Different Project, less language study.

Unfortunately I moved my focus away from language study this week. I started working on a new project that had an end of the month deadline. This deadline meant I only had a few days to pull the project together. Since I was so busy on my project, I only loaded up my SRS decks a few times this week. And I never got through all of my reviews. Just a couple. So before I can start learning again, I am probably going to have to especially re-review the last two lessons I just did to catch back up. We’ll see I guess.

As for this project that made me neglect my Language study, I’ll talk about it a bit more really soon. So stay tuned.

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