Simple After Effects Penguin Animation

March 19th, 2009  | By: Daichi  | Categories: Projects  | Tags: ,

Haha, I’ve been going through my files, and found something I completely forgot about. here is a simple animation assignment I did for my After Effects class. I don’t think I spent more then a day to toss this together, so don’t expect much out of it.

Download: Akurasu_-_Tux_Ani.mp4
(Update, the flash player seems like it might be acting up, if this is the case I'll try to fix really soon.)

I even have a super mini script I wrote for it.

Penguin Sitting
feet twitch
head rocks

stands up
walks forward off screen

Yeah, the script wasn't very specific, but it was a simple assignment.

I still think it's rather cute. For one day of work, what do you think?

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