GDC09 Day Zero (Sunday)

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Hey, I just got back from the Game Developers Conference yesterday. I 100% thought I would have time to blog while I was at GDC but I only managed to send out a handful of tweets. I guess that that is better then nothing. I did however keep a few notes so I would have something to write about when I got back.

So I guess I will be writing about everything about a week late.

Sunday. This was my first flight by myself. I had no problems with security or getting on my plane for my early 06:30 flight. I got to the Moscone West building around 10:00. I just hung around for a bit before I had to go pack bags. I was a bit nervous at introducing myself at first but everyone is so nice, the other Conference Associates volunteers and everyone else. I got a chance to take some photos while everything was being setup.

GDC Empty 1

These hallways are huge.

GDC Empty 2

A place to sit! That might be useful later.

GDC09 Empty 3

It's slowly being pieced together.

GDC09 Empty 4

Look at Intel's incomplete booth

GDC Empty 5

Same chairs from earlier.

Bagging was my first shift of the conference, which started at 13:00. I think we had like 10,000 bags to pack with fliers, I could be wrong. Apparently for previous years, bagging took so long, people had to continue bagging after the CA meeting, till late late, like 02:00 AM late. This year however, we had an awesome method in place. We had an assembly line of boxes that we passed down and each of us had one type of flier to toss in the box. At the end of the line was when we dumped the content of the box into bags.

GDC Bagging 1

Long tables, lots of boxes, lots of CAs.

GDC Bagging 2

Close up!

I heard that Bagging started around 11:00. The bagging finished up around 15:30, which is a new all time record.

GDC09 Bagging 3

Look, we finished!

After the bagging I went to go grab some lunch across the street at Jollibee. Man the streets are fairly empty today. I know it’s going to look a lot more crowded starting tomorrow.

GDC09 Empty 6

Check out how empty the streets are.

After I finished lunch I headed back to the CA lair and waited for the meeting.

GDC09 Intel Lounge

The Intel Lounge is almost all setup now.

At 18:00, all the CA’s must attend a required meeting. Get this, we have over 400 volunteers, we had zero no-shows. This does not happen with most volunteer staffs. These guys really know how to select the cream of the crop people.

GDC09 CA Meeting 1

So many of us.

GDC09 CA Meeting 2

When is dinner?

After eating dinner, the meeting started, where we were told what is what and what to do. After the meeting, we get a tour of Moscone, so we are sure to know where everything is.

Everyone seems to know that GDC is special event. Morale among the CAs was always high throughout the entire week. Lots of positive energy was flowing around that we could just soak it all up like a sponge. I found some CAs to help walk with me to my hotel, now I just need to sleep for tomorrow when everything starts.

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