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I’ve been blogging about some of the notable things that happened to me at Game Developers Conference 2009. I’ve been a little slow due to simple laziness. Let’s see if I can still get through the whole GDC week before my memory degrades. I did take some decent notes for the whole week at least.

Ah, I had a funny little mixup on Tuesday. I was stupid and left my GDC work schedule in my hotel room. I knew today was the first day I had to work. Well, I kept track of when I needed to work and thought I could just use the master schedule to point me where I needed to be. Well, the master schedule had a bit of a typo. It said 30709. Apparently it should of said 300709 which means 3007 & 3009 two combine rooms. I was sent off to the North Hall to check in and North said “you don’t belong here”. And so I headed back to the Conference Associate lounge in West in confusion. Funny enough, 3007 is the room right across from the CA Lounge. Anyway, I got to my session late and I didn’t need to write on the Boo Boo sheet, since I was sent to the wrong location. (Actually, if I had my schedule on me, it wouldn’t of been an issue. So it is partially my fault too.)


The session I was late for was “Mods for Canadian Forces”. And to be honest, I’m not sure what it was about, since I missed most of it. It was part of the Serious Games Summit, so it was “serious” stuff. ^.^;;

My next session I was working was “Red Ocean or Blue Ocean?”. From my understanding, it was about the Casual Games business model and strategy. Red ocean being the known and defined models that are used by the bigger studios and Blue Ocean being the lesser known casual market-space. And of course how to grow your market with these models. I recall Social Networking to be a big aspect of Blue Ocean, though this is another session I didn’t pay too much attention to. I was mostly talking to CAs and networking with them.

Witch Hunt

So in the evening, the CA’s can hang out at the CA lounge to socialize and play games. One of the social games we play is called Witch Hunt. The game is a variation on the game Mafia. I watched the game get played the first two nights, I decided I might as well get in on a game before the week gets too far in. It’s a good idea to socialize with my fellow CA’s.

So here is how it works:

So this is a social game with a group of several people. Everyone is randomly assigned a role/alignment, like “villager” or “witch”. In this particular setting, your in a village and during the night, one of the villagers die from a witch attack. The villagers try to rid the village of all the witches, while the witches try to kill a majority villagers.

So during the first night, the roles are all verified for the narrator. At the end of the night, the first villager, the narrator, dies from a witch attack. During the day, the villagers must decide upon a person to accuse of being a witch. Once you are accused, you must defend yourself and hope a majority of the village population don’t agree with the accusation. During the night, the witches wake up and unanimously pick a person to kill. And this day/night cycle repeats until the winning conditions for a particular role/alignment are met.

GDC Witch Hunt 01

Shh, everyone is sleeping.

GDC Witch Hunt 02

I think she is a Witch!

GDC Witch Hunt 03

Is this a majority vote?

Now, the advanced rules add quite a few extra roles to make the game more interesting. There is a specific ratio for each of the roles, but since I wasn’t narrating, I don’t really know them. I just know that a majority of people are villagers to start with. Here is a list of all the roles we played with.

Villager: Your a Villager, your trying to rid the village of the Witches. You can only refer to yourself a villager. Try not to get hanged. >.<;

Witch: Your a witch, you are trying to get rid of anything that isn’t a villager during the night. You can refer to yourself as a Villager, Prophet or Witch (why would you do this?).

Prophet: Your a special Villager, during the night you can select someone in the village and find out if they are either a Villager or a Witch. You can refer to yourself as a Villager or a Prophet. Don’t be too fast to accuse people even if you know who the witches are, you don’t wanna get picked off too early.

The rest of the roles do not actually exist, so they can’t be spoken about when discussing who to accuse.

Archangel: Your a special villager, you can chose one person to protect, including yourself from a witch attack during the night.

Hunter: A special villager. When you die, you get to choose someone else to kill.

Cupid & Lovers: The cupid is special one time villager. During the first night, you get to choose two people in the village to be linked as lovers. If one of the lovers die, the other dies also.

Vampire: A special villager. If you die from a witch attack, you turn into a witch. Otherwise your a normal villager. (You can win the game as either a witch or a villager.)

Maisons: The Masions are a secret society. If someone is accused and a Masion votes towards the accusation, all the other Masions must vote in agreement before the accusation is final. Masions also can’t vote against other Masions. If any Masions are still alive and all the witches are dead, the Masions win.

As you can see all these extra roles can make things rather interesting. The first few nights tend to be rather random. I never got to play any role other then Villager. Just hope you don’t get accused early, because it’s going to be hard to defend yourself. The first game I played, I got picked off after like the 5th night, but the villagers actually won. Apparently we actually took a witch out on our first day. I’m sure that helped a bunch. On my third game I played, toward the end of the game, the Vampire got the Witches to kill him, which gave the Witches majority and the Witches won. Amazing how someone you thought was a villager the whole time can switch sides. When I was playing my third game, there was a large expert game running with like 20ish people, apparently every single day they hung a Witch. I wonder how the heck they pulled that off.

Hopefully this all makes sense, I might come back later to re-clarify things.

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