Update: March 7th, 2009

My expertise.

My expertise is in computer software. I earned my “Associate of Applied Science Information Technology; Multimedia” at ITT Technical Institute in Seattle Washington, a fancy way to say “Multimedia Specialist”. This degree focuses on both 2D and 3D multimedia programs such as Photoshop and 3ds Max. Multimedia applications aside, I am more a programmer at heart. This is because programming was one of the first major things that I self-taught myself. This is how I became an autodidact. I continue to study on my own, even in a classroom setting. While I was a student at ITT, I spent time outside of class to learn how to blend my multimedia skills with my programming skills, doing things such as automating dreadfully repetitive tasks via scripting languages where possible. I think this programming background is what separates me the most from other multimedia artisans.

My interests.

I grew up surrounded by two things: video games and Japanese pop-culture. These have grown to be a part of my top entertainment choices today. Since so much of my favorite entertainment media has not become officially domesticated, I have taken part in fan translation projects over the years, to allow this media to be more accessible to non-foreign speakers. These projects include fan-subtitling of Japanese animation and fan-localizing of video games. I also maintain a small Wiki that is dedicated to import video games, such as the popular Japanese game series dedicated to an amalgam of anime mecha shows, called Super Robot Wars.


I decided I needed a new way to maintain my projects, a place I could talk about them and show these projects off. I also enjoy talking about what interests me. I have found IRC and IM a very useful way to express myself, but this medium has very little exposure and my thoughts are quickly lost in time. I believe a blog would be a good way to preserve these thoughts.


Please feel free to contact me here: blog AT akurasu DOT net

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